Barron, WI

Demographics in Barron, WI

2010 Census Information

Population: 3,423

Racial Makeup:
White: 87.2%
African American: 8.8%
Native American: .8%
Asian: .7%
Hispanic or Latino: 3%
Other: .8%

Households: 1,422
Average household size: 2.27 Families: 829
Average family size: 2.88
Households with children under age of 18: 28.6%
Households with married couples: 40%
Female householder, no husband present: 12.3%
Male householder, no wife present: 6%
Non-family households: 41.7%
Households of individuals: 33.8%
65 years or older living alone: 16%

Median Age: 39.1
Under 18: 21.9%
18-24: 10.3%
25-44: 24.7%
45-64: 25%
65+: 18.2%

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